Does Points Table matters in IPL 2017 ?



In the Indian Premier League, it’s all about points. If a team wants to reach the playoffs, they need to be in top 4 in the IPL Team Standing at the completion of the preliminary round. If they are not there, they are out of the tournament. To be in top 4 in the IPL Points Table, not only do the teams need to win matches quite regularly, they also need to have a good net run rate. Sometimes, two teams finish the preliminary round with equal points and in that case, the net run rates of those teams determine their positions in the IPL Points Table.

To have a good net run rate at the end of the preliminary round, the teams should try to win their matches by big margins and should also try to avoid big defeats. If in a match, a team reckons that they have no chance of winning the game, they should try to go as close to the opposing team as possible. By doing that, they will ensure that their net run rate doesn’t have too much negative effect on it.

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Because of so much importance of the net run rate, the fans always want to have an eye on it. They want to know if the net run rate of their team is negative or positive and to do that, there is no easier way than going to the websites which provide IPL T20 Points Table.

The IPL Points Table provided by those websites has a net run rate column in it which shows the net run rate of every team.

There is only half a year left before IPL will be back again and to be updated about the IPL 2017 Points Table, you will just have to log on to our website and we will give you a complete information about the position of your favourite team in the IPL Points Table 2014.

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